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T h e  G i n  M e n u

All best enjoyed with lots of ice

Our Gins (25ml / 50ml)

Hendricks £3.60/ £7.20

Meet the delightfully curious Hendricks’s Gin. Life simply too glorious not to experience the peculiar flavour, infused with rose & cucumber in a Scottish distillery.

Recommended serving: with sliced cucumber & our Indian fevertree tonic

Bombay Sapphire £3.30/ £6.60

One of the world’s most recognised spirits, Bombay Sapphire’s method of infusion gives a lighter, more floral taste rather than the more-common ‘punchy’ gin taste. Its slightly floral character makes for a refreshing G&T! 

Recommended serving: with lime or lemon & our aromatic fevertree tonic

Tanqueray £3.60/ £7.20

Tanqueray epitomises the London Dry style, providing a crisp, dry taste. The recipe is a fiercely guarded secret, although it is thought to contain as little as four botanicals, with strong juniper notes pulling through, along with a hint of spice and a dry finish.

Recommended serving: with elderflower fevertree tonic & fresh mint

Bloom £4.05/ £8.10

Bloom is a triple infused gin known to use pomelo, honeysuckle & chamomile. This gin is said to “capture the uplifting sense of spring gardens.”

Recommended serving: with our Indian fevertree tonic & fresh cut strawberries

Sipsmith London Dry Gin £4.05/ £8.10

“Gin made the way it used to be, and the way we believe it should be.” A classic & traditional London dry gin; bold, complex & aromatic.

Recommended serving: with a simple slice of lemon & an Indian fevertree tonic

Gin Mare £4.05/ £8.10

Gin Mare has long been the reference point for a gin that’s pushed the boundary of what a gin could taste like, with rosemary, thyme, olive, and basil included in the botanical line up – it’s savoury and unusual, but balanced.

Recommended serving: with a sprig of basil & a Mediterranean fevertree tonic 

& our gin of the week for if you are feeling adventurous!

£4.50 per shot, please ask the staff for more info


Our Fevertrees all £2.10

Regular/ Slim Line/ Elderflower/ Aromatic/ Mediterranean